New Delhi, July 7: The Congress on Friday, July 6, likened the state of the Indian economy with that of a “rudderless boat” on choppy water and said that the Finance Ministry has “fallen between two stools”. Taking a dig at the Union Finance Ministry, Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said that India currently has an acting Finance Minister and a pretending Finance Minister and none of them know who’s doing what. Also Read - ‘Transparent Taxation’: PM Modi to Launch Platform on Thursday to Honour Honest Taxpayers

“The Finance Ministry has fallen between two stools…. You have an acting Finance Minister and you have a pretending Finance Minister. The acting one does not know whether he is acting, and the pretending one does not know whether he is pretending,” Tewari said, adding, “And, therefore, the economy is like a rudderless boat on a very choppy ocean.” Also Read - World Elephant Day 2020: Over 200 Elephants in India Kept in Severely Inadequate Conditions, Says World Animal Protection

Speaking on a range of issues such mob lynchings, Tewari said that the social conflict has put brakes on the Indian economy. He further demanded that it is time for the NDA government and the PM to realise the “consequences the country will have to face because of their mal-governance and maladministration of the Indian economy”. Also Read - Captain vs Bajwa: Punjab CM Responds After MP's Letter to Police Chief Over Security Removal

“In the past one year, 27 people have been lynched across nine states. When lynching becomes the overriding headline day after day…it clearly shows that as long as there is social discord there cannot be any economic development, howsoever the government may try and window-dress its economic achievements,” the Congress leader said.

Recalling Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s 2013 tweet — which stated that there is a competition between the Congress and the rupee – who will fall lower — on the value of Indian rupee against US dollars when Congress was in power, Tewari said, “The rupee that day was trading at 59.27 to the dollar. Five years later, almost to the date, the rupee has been hovering around 69 to a dollar. And that is the lowest the rupee has ever fallen.”

“So we would like to tell the PM that there seems to be a competition between the BJP and the rupee on who will fall lower,” he said, hitting back.