New Delhi: Though India and Pakistan have been witnessing several bouts of airspace tension since February this year following the Balakot airstrike, an air traffic controller from Pakistan has recently saved an Indian flight during an emergency.

According to reports that surfaced today, the Jaipur-Muscat aeroplane carrying about 150 passengers was flying over the Karachi region when it was caught in massive lightning. The plane dropped from an altitude of 36,000 feet to 34,000 feet almost immediately. The pilot sounded ‘Mayday’ emergency to the nearby stations.

Mayday refers to a distress call, signalling a life-threatening emergency. The air traffic controller from Pakistan responded to the call and directed the plane through the dense airt traffic in the vicinity. Reports said the flight was caught in abnormal weather conditions near the Chor area of the southern province of Sindh.

The Sindh province is experiencing unprecedented and massive lightning strikes of late. As many as 26 people were killed due to lightning following heavy rains at one night.

This year, Pakistan closed its air space off entirely apprehending attacks just after the Balakot airstrike. It took a long time to open its air space gradually and partially. Recently, Pakistan refused to Modi’s VVIP flight to use its airspace for his visit to Saudi Arabia.