Railways Latest News: To prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection, the Indian Railways has developed a special ‘post-Covid coach’ for passengers. Developed in Kapurthala rail coach factory, these specially designed coaches will be loaded with multiple features like hands-free amenities, copper-coated handrails and latches, plasma air purification and titanium di-oxide coating for Covid free journey. Also Read - Private Trains Must Have Sliding Doors, Will Pay Railways if Trains Are Delayed or Early: Read Draft

Elaborating the salient features of the post-Covid coach, the Indian Railways in a press release said,”The post-Covid coach has hands-free amenities like foot operated water tap & soap dispenser, foot operated lavatory door (outside), foot operated flush valve, foot operated latches in lavatory door, outside washbasin with foot operated water tap and soap dispenser and forearm operated handle on compartment door.”

“Copper has anti microbial properties. When virus lands on copper, Ion blasts pathogen and destroy the DNA and RNA inside the virus,” the Indian Railways claimed.

Furthermore, it said that the new coaches will have a provision of plasma air equipment in AC duct. This air equipment will sterilize the air and surfaces inside the AC coach using ionised air to make the coach coronavirus and particulate matter resistant.

With titanium di-oxide coating in the coach, the nation transported claimed that the indoor air quality will be enhanced. “This water-based coating will kill viruses, bacteria, mould, and fungal growth”, the national transported claimed.