New Delhi, April 10: For mobile users in India, storage is a big problem as they have to sometimes delete their precious photo or video. According to research, 29 percent individuals run out of space at least once a week and 62 percent run out of space at least every three months.

The research was conducted by country-wide independent consumer research from SanDisk. As per research, 65 percent people regret deleting precious pictures or video just to create storage space and 36 percent prefer to delete pictures of themselves rather than of friends, pets or family members.

The research also found that 46 percent of people have to delete files or data in order to free up space at least once a week, while 77 percent do this at least once a month.

To add to the challenges, 67 percent of respondents being fairly are worried for the files and data on their smartphone being stolen or loss through product malfunction, while 64 percent said they had lost a precious photo or video from their smartphone as a result of files not being backed up.

Despite this, fewer people manually back up their data and files from the main handset once a week and six percent never back up files at all.

The research highlights what pressure people are under to choose what they want to keep on mobile handsets and which will suit their needs more appropriately. Mostly youngsters are seen engrossed in their mobiles all the time.