Mumbai, Mar 15: Creativity is found in abundant manner among children. Their tender minds behaves in unhindered manner making the wildest imaginations. It was this creativity which Germany-based international airlines, Lufthansa wanted to award and glorify. In an online contest conducted by Lufthansa, it gave the parents’ of children below 12 years of age to make a short video of their child making the most creative onboard announcement.Also Read - THIS Country Resumes International Flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore

More than 200 children across 9 countries participated in the online contest. Mumbai’s Yashas secured the the coveted prize. The team which was judging the entries found Yashas appeal to be the most creative and adorable. The winner was awarded three destinations in Europe, where he would be allowed to visit with his family. The boy would be doing the onboard announcement in flights to and fro to all the three destinations. As of now, Yashas has revealed that the very first trip he would undertake along with his parents. Paris would be his first stop, where the child, along with his family, would be visiting the world renowned Disneyland. (ALSO READ: NASA rubbishes claims made West Bengal girl Saptaparna Mukherjee; says no scholarship offered to any Indian student) Also Read - Lufthansa Sacks 103 Delhi-based Flight Attendants Overnight For Seeking 'Job Assurance'

The onboard announcement message recorded by Yashas which won him the prize was as follows: “Namaste! Welcome to Lufthansa flight 007 from Mumbai to New Zealand. I’m your 8-year-old flight attendant Yashas. Kindly fasten your seat-belt so that we could take off quickly.” Also Read - International Flights: Air India Cancels 12 Flights to Frankfurt Till Oct 14 | Here’s Why

“This is a dream come true for my child. When I used to travel abroad, he is used to always come to see me at the airport. He loves to travel and always desired to go abroad. I can’t be more happier for him,” said Yashas child.

Yashas is currently studying in Mumbai’s G D Somani Memorial School. Lufthansa’s South Asia director Wolfgang Will, himself met the child inside his classroom to award him the winning prize. Could any child ask for a more memorable day than this?