Mumbai, November 26: Thousands of underground Indian hackers have joined hands with formidable International hacktivist group Anonymous, to wage a war against the terror group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). According to media reports, Indian hackers are not just sniffing out Jihadi Twitter accounts and websites, but are also tracking and spying on suspicious chats to foil any future attack plans that might be in the pipeline. This is reportedly the first time that different India hacking groups have come together to wage a global war on terror, on this scale.Also Read - Twitter to Launch 'First Live Stream Shopping' Feature on Nov 28 | Details Here

 Mail Today India reported that Desi hackers who have defaced scores of malicious Pakistani websites earlier, have joined the fray with Anonymous and are working underground to track ISIS websites. “Soon after Anonymous declared war against ISIS, hackers from India have joined them for mission #OpParis. All of us are working under the name of Anonymous. We aim to expose ISIS digitally and the fight will continue till end,” an Indian hacker was quoted as saying by the Mail report. “Chats and messages of suspected ISIS accounts are being intercepted to track their moves,” the hacker revealed. Also Read: Hacker Group Anonymous takes down 5,500 ISIS Twitter accounts; continues their war Also Read - CBSE Board Exams 2022: After Moving SC, Students Urge CBSE to Hold Board Exams In Hybrid Mode, #Cbseterm1online Trends on Twitter

“All pro-ISIS social media accounts and websites are being exposed and brought down. Hackers are also tracking the server containing ISIS files, documents and data to make it public. In some cases even their personal details and locations were made public so that they can be tracked,” Kislay Chaudhary, cyber security analyst and CEO of Indian Cyber Army, told Mail Today. This comes just weeks after Anonymous had published s video declaring war on ISIS, claiming to conduct their biggest operation ever on the terror group, which perpetrated the horrific massacre in Paris on November 13. ‘We will hunt you down’, the video had threatened and just days later the group had taken down 5,500 ISIS accounts. Also Read - Sachin Tendulkar Ranks Among 50 Most Influential People of Twitter in 2021