New Delhi: While the entire world is battling to combat the rising deaths caused by the coronavirus pandemic, records show that mortality rates in India have remarkably fallen amid the nationwide lockdown. Also Read - Global COVID-19 Cases Cross 5.5 Million Mark, Death Toll Stands at 346,000

With a population of 1.3 billion, India’s COVID-19 mortality rate is at about 3.7 per cent, which is less than half of the world’s average mortality rate in the pandemic. Around the globe, mortality rates are being immensely scrutinised, especially in countries like the US and Italy, while determining the actual impact of coronavirus. Also Read - After 'Modi Aarti', This BJP MLA Wants to Build a 'Modi Temple' With the PM's Idol; Says 'I Worship Him'

According to official figures, Italy’s death rate stands close to 12.7 per cent, UK at 12 per cent, 9.73 per cent in Spain and nearly 4 per cent in the US. Meanwhile, the global mortality rate stands at around 6 per cent as of now. Also Read - Prakash Raj Helps 44 Migrant Workers Reach Their Home, Says 'I am Not Done Yet'

Earlier today, the Health Ministry in its daily briefing also said that the doubling rate of coronavirus cases now stands at 10 days, as opposed to five during the last week of March.

Barring major hotspots like Delhi, Maharashtra and Gujarat, the death toll in India has left doctors and medical experts stunned, in a good way, as to how the impact of the virus has not impacted as severely here as it did in other countries.

While over 27 lakh people have been infected across the world, including 1.9 lakh deaths, India has reported 723 deaths among over 23,000 people who got infected in the country. So has India really managed to keep coronavirus cases in check?