New Delhi: The Union Ministry of Health on Sunday stated that India’s COVID-19 positivity rate has fallen below 8 per cent after the country scaled up its testing capacity from one in January to over 9.32 crore at present. Also Read - COVID-19 Escalated into ‘Syndemic’ for Chronic Disease Patients, Says Study

“India has exponentially scaled up its testing capacity from one in January to more than 9.32 cr at present. The very high testing has resulted in the continuous falling positivity rate. It has now fallen below 8%”, said the health ministry. Also Read - Indians to Get Free COVID-19 Vaccine, Says Union Minister After Backlash From Opposition

Furthermore, the ministry asserted that very comprehensive testing has thus worked as a highly effective tool to curb the spread of COVID-19 infection. It also leads to early identification, prompt isolation and effective treatment of COVID-19 cases, and eventual low fatality rate. Also Read - Israel to start human trials of COVID vaccine on Nov 1

Earlier on Saturday, it had stated that the country has reached an ‘unprecedented peak’ as active cases in the country drop below 8 lakh for the first time in 1.5 months. “This significant achievement is the outcome of Centre-led targetted strategies leading to a high number of recoveries, and steadily falling number of fatalities”, it had tweeted.

Meanwhile, India’s recoveries from the novel coronavirus moved past the 65 lakh-mark today. The country’s doubling time has also sharply increased to 70.4 days. This indicates a substantial fall in the daily new cases and the consequent increase in time taken to double the total cases.

On the other hand, India’s COVID-19 count inched closer to 7.5 milliion mark— 74,32,681 to be specific after 62,212 tested positive for the deadly virus. The total death count due to the disease has reached 1,12,998.