New Delhi: In a big win for India, the United States on Saturday issued a statement backing New Delhi’s autonomy over affairs of Jammu and Kashmir when it said “India’s decision to rescind Article 370 in Kashmir is an internal decision.”

The statement issued by the senior US administration official read, “India’s decision to rescind Article 370 in Kashmir is an internal decision, but certainly with regional implications and President Trump will likely want to hear how PM Modi intends to calm regional tensions in light of this significant move.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump are set to meet at the G7 Summit in Biarritz. (The Group of Seven(G7) industrialised democracies has invited India to its summit from August 24 to 26, in Biarritz, France.)

The statement further read, “President will likely want to hear from Prime Minister Modi on how he plans to reduce regional tensions and uphold respect for human rights for Kashmir, as part of India’s role as the world’s largest democracy.”

The communique reiterated that Trump will look forward to meeting Prime Minister Modi at the Summit to discuss strategic partnership and how both the nations can work closely on issues like defence cooperation, counter-terrorism and trade.

“We expect the leaders to build on very productive discussions they had in Osaka at G20, as well as a phone call that they held earlier this week. They will look for solutions on the trade front. The US is looking to India to reduce tariffs&open its markets,” it read.

Recently, Trump while speaking to the media had commented on the Kashmir situation, when he said that the ‘tension’ was largely due to some religious issue. He was quoted, “Kashmir’s a very complicated place. You have the Hindus, and you have the Muslims, and I wouldn’t say they get along so great. And that’s what you have right now.”