Come Durga Puja, the people of Kolkata will be treated to something peculiar this festive season. For the first time in partnership with a local transgender persons group called Pratyay Gender Trust,  a transgender Durga deity will be installed. The puja committee has taken this new step,  to worship transgender  Durga deity during the Durga Puja. Also Read - Amit Shah Summoned by Special Court in Defamation Case Filed by TMC's Abhishek Banerjee

The Durga puja idol is one of its kind, it is fashioned after in Ardhanarishvara form. It comprises of  half man and half woman which is a neutral form idol. Coming up woth this idea was an initiative of a froup of transgender women from Pratyay.  The one facet of the idol has a moustache, a pectoral, smaller eyelashes, and is seen wearing a dhoti  around the waist. Whereas the other half is a female representation of the goddess Durga . Also Read - Elderly Woman on board Amritsar-Kolkata Flight Suffers Heart Attack Mid-air, Dies

Bhanu Naskar initiated the whole idea of  the new idol with the help of Transgender Women’s Durga Puja. The one of a kind idol has been created by Kolkata traditional potter’s quarter China Pal who is one of the artist from Kumortuli. (ALSO READ: Durga puja by Kolkata’s transgender women) Also Read - First Public Toilet for Transgenders Opened in UP's Varanasi, Four More to Come Up Soon

Along with the local Puja organising committee, Joy Mitra Street Udyami Yubak Brinda this new initiative will bridge the gap between communities where the trangender section is neglectd in the society. With this brand new gesture, there will be more scope for  both te communities to bond together. One of the founder member also nodded in positive that the whole idea behind this was to explore the gendered lines keeping within the traditional norms.

Thus Durga Puja, the Joy Mitra street in Kolkata will be breaking all stereotypes  with the transgender Durga idol. Hope this festive season brings together people of all identity. The inauguration of the the puja will be on October 18.