New Delhi, May 23: Pilots of IndiGo aircraft mistook a road running parallel to the Jaipur airport as the runaway while landing on February 27, 2016 at Jaipur Airport. The Ahmedabad-Jaipur flight 6E-237 was hardly 900 feet from the ground when the enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) prompted the pilots to pull up a few feet from the ground. The directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA) grounded both the pilots and a probe has been ordered into the incident. The airline also confirmed that safety of passengers were not compromised in the process.

An aircraft descends at around 700 feet-a-minute during approach. The EGPWS is an audio warning in the cockpit capable of waking up a sleeping pilot, as per reports. IndiGo said in an official statement, “IndiGo Flight 6E-237… was involved in EGPWS ‘Too Low Terrain’ warning on 27 February 2016 when the aircraft was on finals during visual approach at runway 27 at Jaipur.” (ALSO READ: IndiGo suspends Srinagar ground staff for security breach)

“The Captain-in-command immediately took a precautionary measure and carried a go-around. The aircraft landed safely on subsequent ILS approach on runway 27. At IndiGo the safety and security of customers, crew and the aircraft is the top priority – at no time the safety was compromised. Both the pilot have been taken off from flight duty with immediate effect by IndiGo chief of flight safety pending investigation. The matter was duly reported to the DGCA by IndiGo flight safety department.”

IndiGo, announced the appointment of Rohit Philip as Chief Financial Officer. The appointment is effective from July 18, 2016 and will see Rohit succeed Pankaj Madan who is leaving IndiGo to pursue other interests.