New Delhi: Delhi-based Bhavye Suneja was the captain of the Indonesian plane Flight JT610 which crashed into Karawang Bay on Monday morning. The domestic flight crashed 13 minutes after take-off from Jakarta at 6.20 AM and had requested to return to base before disappearing from the radar, a media report said.

31-year-old Suneja Ahlcon Public School in 2005 and joined Bel-Air International in 2007. He worked as a trainee pilot in Emirates in September 2010 and trained for four months till December 2010. In March 2011, Suneja joined Lion Air airlines. As per the reports, he was planning to return to India.

A senior official of a leading airline told Times of India that being an experienced pilot of B737 with an accident-free record, the airlines was keen to take him onboard. “…because of his good credentials. His only request was that he wanted a Delhi posting as he is from the city,” he said.

The Lion Air aircraft was carrying 188 passengers lost contact with the air traffic control at around 6:33 AM. The Indonesia officials said that they don’t know if there are any survivors from the plane. An official said that no distress signal was received from the plane’s emergency transmitter. He added that phones, wallets, life vests were found about 98 to 115 feet deep near where the plane disappeared.

“Several pieces of Lion Air JT 610 aircraft that crashed in the waters of Karawang (was found),” Head of the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management Sutopo Purwo Nugroho tweeted.

The plane had a total of 188 onboard with 178 adult passengers, a child, two babies with two pilots and five flight attendants, Nugroho said, adding that the National Search and Rescue Agency, Basarnas, and the Ministry of Transportation were “handling” the situation. “Some ships tug boats were on location,” he added.