Let me begin with wishing every woman a Happy International Women’s Day 2017. Yes, we need this day because the society still differs between a man and a woman, because a woman is still unsafe, because there are still people out there blaming women for rapes, there are still female foetuses being found and the list still is endless. Till we have a place where men and women are at par with each other, we need to continue to have a day and more such days that remind that womanhood is not inferior, that a woman is also a human being. As burning issues continue to go against women, we pause and take a look at what would a utopian world for women look like. While we have a list, we still feel something may be missing and we leave it for other women and men to add: Also Read - Buying Diamonds is Not Obsession But a Sense of Achievement For Young Working Women

Where the word ‘rape’ is eliminated Also Read - 'It's Water, Who Drinks Acid?': TikToker Faizal Siddiqui Issues Clarification After His 'Acid Attack' Video Sparks Outrage

More than 34,000 rapes were recorded in India in 2015, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data. There is no end to this ridiculous crime of rape. Molestation, sexual assault and rapes continue to haunt women in India. We have to admit that when we are out, one part of our heart and mind continues to hope we stay safe. There are women who live with that fear within their homes. And every time, there are those who blame the victim and the onus falls back on womanhood. A utopian world for women will be one where the word rape does not exist. And I say that even for the men. No man or woman is raped. Also Read - UN Chief Cites 'Horrifying Global Surge In Domestic Violence', Urges Countries to Protect Women

Where the woman can be what she wants to be

No judgements, no stares, no comments, no news articles – The day all of these stop, a woman would have her utopian world. We do not want to be judged for what we wear, what we speak and the people we hang out with. We do not want to be judged for what time we leave our homes and what time we get back. We do not want regulations on these too. A woman would have a perfect place to live where she can be what she wants to be without any stares, slurs and remarks.

Where the girl child is welcomed

Enough said, we still have families, both in villages as well as cities, that cry away the girl child. In a recent incident, at least 19 female foetuses were recovered near Sangli in Maharashtra. The girl child is still not celebrated as a baby boy is. Till this ends, it is impossible to get a utopian world for the woman. Let’s pledge to celebrate the baby girl and the baby boy alike.

Where there are no conditions for marriage

A marriage in which the family of bride and that of the groom plays an equal rule, no less, no more, is what dreams are made of. How long before these dreams become a reality? How long before the woman is not out to a test before marriage? How long before marriage is not a burden on the bride’s family? How long before marriage is utopia?

Where life does not change after marriage

The society needs to move away from the norm that a woman has no say in the life of her own parents after she gets married. Both the husband and the wife take the responsibility of both the families is what utopia would look like. A man does not get the right to domestic violence – physical or mental, that would make for a perfect place. Today, in the name of traditions a woman is subject to hiding her face with a veil, she is not allowed to take her husband’s name, she is expected to be home and make a family and more such directives are put in place for her. A woman in her utopian world would want no rules, no such directives, just a happy marriage.

Where a man and a woman are equal

The day this equality is achieved, Utopia will be achieved completely. Because a man and a woman would walk hand in hand, with equal rights, with equal respect and no envy exists.

Where we do not need a Women’s Day

Yes, the day when we would not need an International Women’s Day to talk about gender equality and women’s rights, that is when we will achieve the very purpose of Women’s Day and the perfect place to be for men and women.