New Delhi: State-run IRCTC, which would be running the two Tejas trains, may just compensation passengers if the country’s first ‘private’ train is late by over an hour, said reports on Monday.

The first Tejas is planned to begin running between Delhi and Lucknow from this October. A leading daily reported that while the IRCTC plans to keep the fares comparable with the Shatabdi, it is mulling on throwing in some extras; a second meal and vending machines for free tea and coffee being two of those.

“While Railways serves breakfast, people are hungry by the time they reach Lucknow at lunchtime. So, we want to offer some snacks, which can sustain them till they finish their meeting and go for lunch,” an IRCTC executive told the daily.

The add-on services may attract senior citizens as well who are anyway entitled to a 40% discount on rail fares. The IRCTC hopes to be able to use the same model on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route as well where the other ‘private’ train is to run most likely by mid-November.

Also, free travel insurance of Rs 50 lakh may be added in with the Tejas tickets apart from a burglary cover for home while one is travelling.”There are multiple offers from insurance companies. We are looking at them and the suggestions that are coming,” the PSU executive was quoted as saying by the daily.

However, there are some not-so-comfortable features too. For instance, each train coach will come with only two toilets instead of the usual four. Reducing the number of toilets has freed up space for service and management of food, for which a new type of pantry is being planned.

Railways has allowed free pricing but the state-run railway ticketing outfit wants to keep fares in line with those offered on Shatabdi. It will also use the dynamic pricing model to cash in on the rush during festivals. During the lean season, tickets may come with a discount.