Mumbai, November 15: The Paris attack which shook the world on Friday, leaving behind 127 dead and several with severe injuries reminds of the 26/11 Mumbai attack which is still haunting the victims of Mumbai. In the aftermath of the Paris attack, the only question which comes in ones mind is that, seven years after the Mumbai terror attack is Mumbai police capable and fully equipped of such attacks?.

When these questions are posed infront of the senior police officials and they are asked to answer on record then the answer seems to be a big ‘Yes’. But if it is off record than Mumbai police officials are not confident of tackling such attacks. Read Also: (Paris terror assault strikingly similar to Mumbai 26/11 attacks: Security experts)

After the Paris attack, former Mumbai police commissioner Rakesh Maria who investigated the 26/11 Mumbai attack reportedly said, “Mumbai was fully prepared to tackle a 26 11-style terror attack”. Maria said law-enforcing agencies have learnt from 26/11 attacks. “We are fully equipped in terms of modern equipment and technical know-how,” he said.

However the Mumbai police officials and state police failures on intelligence gathering poses a big challenge to avoid such arrest.

K P Raghuvanshi, Maharashtra’s former Anti Terrorism Squad chief, who probed the Mumbai’s 7/11 serial train blasts admits to Mid-day, that they need to work on intelligence gathering network.

Raghuvanshi said, “Maharashtra state has its own counter-attack force in the form of Force One. However the need of the hour is to penetrate deep within the population to gather human intelligence with the help of technology and then bring both together for analysing and decoding the plan, before any strike.”

Former ATS chief, Himanshu Roy, belives that the Mumbai police and entire world had learned from 26/11 attacks. Roy was quoted by Mid-day, where he said, “While we need to upgrade our intelligence gathering system technically, it is an issue that is being addressed. Moreover, post the incident of the Kalyan youth joining ISIS, we have discretely started a de-radicalisation programme for youth, which has got overwhelming support.”