New Delhi: Muslim clerics have once again targeted TMC MP Nusrat Jahan after she visited Durga Puja pandal and offered prayers with her businessman husband Nikhil Jain in Kolkata. After the prayers, she was also seen playing ‘dhaak’ (a traditional Bengali dhol) along with her husband.

However, her act did not go down well with Muslim clerics who said,”Worshipping other Gods is not permitted in Islam.” One of them also said that Islam does not need her and she should change her name and religion.

“She has been participating in such prayers, there is nothing new in this. However, under Islam, a follower is not allowed to offer prayers to any God other than Allah, this is ‘haram’. She should change her name and religion,” a leading portal quoted one of the clerics as saying.

Twitterati, on the other hand, extended support to the TMC MP and slammed clerics for attacking Nusrat. “When Hindus attend Iftar party or go to Haji Ali Dargah, it is a secular country… but when Nusrat celebrates Durga Puja, she is creating communal disharmony. What is wrong with these idiotic clerics who claim to own the religion of Islam?” commented one Twitter user.

“On one hand clerics are threatening #nusratjahan on attending #DurgaPuja2019 celebration and on the other hand happily supporting sound of Azaan coming from a Puja Pandal created on the theme of secularism,” wrote another user. One Twitter user wrote,”Not a fan of her but this deserves a standing ovation. You go Girl! Brave up those Fatwas”.”Salute and Respect Nusrat more power to you,” said another.

However, this is not the first time Nusrat has been attacked by clerics. Earlier this year, she was strongly criticised for wearing vermilion and sporting a ‘mangalsutra’ at her oath-taking ceremony.