Jammu and Kashmir: Claiming that both Kashmir issue and India aren’t a part of Pakistan elections but it becomes a bone of contention during the course of elections in India, former Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) chief minister Mehbooba Mufti on Friday said that in the country ‘politics is such that tougher the stance towards Pakistan and Kashmir, the more votes one can expect to get’.

Terming the situation to be a magnanimous problem, Mufti further stated that since people keep calling Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan a ‘proxy’ for Army, and if Khan is ready for a dialogue, then India should come forward for reconciliation. She said this way Khan and Army will reportedly be on the same page.

Mufti further spoke on the Rafale issue and said that the manner in which the decision was welcomed by people– the same should be the case when the decision over Babri Masjid comes out.

The former J&K CM also opened up about the time when her party People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had an alliance with the BJP. Calling it a ‘suicidal’ move which she was aware of since the start, Mufti said that when her party entered into a tie-up with the BJP to form a government in J&K, it was expected that prime minister Narendra Modi will reach out to Pakistan.

“We knew it (alliance with the BJP) was suicidal for the party. Yet we put everything at stake. For a party which is seen as one that encourages talks with separatists, we thought Modi will rise to the occasion and since (former PM Atal Bihari) Vajpayee did not have that kind of a mandate, we thought he will reach out to Pakistan, to the people of J&K and start what Vajpayee had left,” she said.

On being asked if she would be open to an alliance with the Congress and the National Conference, she said, “We had never thought we would ally with the BJP. Now, an alliance with the Congress and NC depends on the need of the hour.”