Asad Ashraf booked an Ola cab from Delhi’s BK Dutt Colony to Jamia Nagar after celebrating Eid on Sunday. However, the driver dropped him midway saying it is a “Muslim area” and “not a place for OLA to go”.

According to Ashraf, a journalist based out of Delhi, the driver asked him to get out of the cab. When he refused to deboard, the driver threatened him of “consequences” and started calling up his friends.

It was after the journalist shared his nightmarish experience in his Facebook post that Ola responded saying it has “off-roaded” the driver. Later, Ashraf filed a complaint with the police.

Ashraf said when he protested against deboarding the cab midway, the driver threatened to get his people to come to the location.

Ashraf said he raised an emergency alarm to Ola, “but after one call Ola did not bother enquire if the matter was resolved” and neither responded to his multiple calls.

“I raised an emergency alarm on the app after which an executive from OLA got back to me and ensured immidiate action. But an hour since then neither has OLA responded to my calls or got back to me. The police also took this very casually and went away after taking the written complaint saying that they have other calls to attend,” he wrote in his Facebook post.

Ashraf further claimed that the cab aggregator temporarily blocked his app, and he was not able to operate it until he rated them.

When Ashraf posted the screenshot of his complaint to Ola customer care on Twitter, Ola responded saying that the issue had already been resolved.

The firm later responded saying that they have sacked the driver and taken the necessary action.