New Delhi: Days after facing flak for being absent in the pollution meet of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Urban Development, BJP MP from East Delhi Gautam Gambhir on Tuesday addressed the Lok Sabha on the issue of air pollution and said it is high time that all should stop politicking the issue.

“The topic of discussion is something that affects everyone irrespective of our caste, creed, age, and religion. It’s affecting us while we stand and talk about it in Parliament. It’s high time we stop politicising this issue,” Gambhir said during the debate on air pollution in Lok Sabha.

Talking about the air quality in the national capital, the BJP MP said the state is that of a climate emergency and Delhi is worst affected.

“The state can no longer get away with a gimmick like Odd-Even and banning construction sites. We need long term sustainable solutions and stop the blame game. It’s time to own up and act responsibly,” he added.

The statement from the BJP MP comes after missing posters of the actor-turned-politician were spotted in ITO area of the national capital, saying the leader was last spotted at the Indore cricket stadium enjoying jalebis.

“Have you seen him? He was last spotted at the Indore cricket stadium enjoying jalebis. The entire Delhi is searching for him,” the poster read.

Gambhir came under scanner from the AAP and other after he failed to attend a key meeting of a parliamentary panel on alarming pollution levels in Delhi.

Earlier the BJP MP slammed the APP for being trolled by it for eating jalebi and not attending the key pollution meet, saying if the air pollution in the national capital is increased due to his eating ‘Jalebis’ then he can give up eating it.

“If air pollution in Delhi increased due to my eating ‘Jalebis’ then I can give up eating them. I was trolled within ten minutes and if the same hard work they had done on controlling pollution which they had done on trolling me, then the national capital would be breathing clean air,” Gambhir was quoted as saying by ANI.

Later he had given an explanation for not attending the meeting, saying, “I know the meeting was very important but I was contractually bound. I had signed the contract in January and I joined politics in April. Due to contractual obligations, I had to go for the commentary. On 11th November I received the mail and on the same day, I had informed them the reason for not attending the meeting.”