New Delhi: Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday sounded an alert in Guwahati and said that the state capital, along with the rest of Kamrup Metro district, has now entered “community transmission” stage of coronavirus as the number of positive cases in the city grew by more than 2,700 in the span of 10 days.Also Read - CDC's U-Turn Amid Covid Delta Variant Fears: Vaccinated People to Wear Masks Again in US

“In just eleven days, the coronavirus positive cases in the Kamrup (Metro) district jumped to 2,741 from a mere 63. State’s main commercial city Guwahati, which falls in the district, formally entered into the real pandemic stage,” Sarma said during a press conference last evening. Also Read - Saudi Plans to Impose Penalties, Travel Ban on Its Citizens For Visiting ‘Red List’ Countries

“Now it is in the community. With this, Guwahati has formally entered into the pandemic situation now and it is becoming bigger and bigger,” he said. Also Read - Centre Writes To States, Seeks Report On Number of Deaths Due to Oxygen Shortage During 2nd Wave

The Assam government has already put in place a two-week lockdown from Monday in Kamrup Metro and Dima Hasao districts, that may be further extended based on the spread of the viral disease.

“We have formally entered the Covid-19 pandemic since June 24 and can no longer blame Karnataka, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu or Delhi (from where returnees travelled back in May and June) for COVID-19 spread in our state,” the health minister said.

“Extension of lockdown in Kamrup Metro depends on the number of cases. We might have to extend it by another week. There will be a need to find balance between allowing economic activity and risking lives of people,” he added.

While under the stringent lockdown, the Assam government has allowed only pharmacies and standalone grocery stores to operate between 11 AM and 4 PM.

Meanwhile, the Assam government has allowed citizens to opt for home isolation if they can get “a written consent from their residential societies that the neighbours are supportive about it”. However, it asserted that the same is not possible in Guwahati as the government cannot arrange for emergency medical care at so many homes.