New Delhi: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Monday led the Congress agitation at Delhi’s India Gate against the reported police brutalities on students of Jamia Millia Islamia University and Aligarh Muslim University, and to express solidarity with protesting students.

Attacking the government, Gandhi said, “Each Congress worker will fight against Modi govt which is turning dictatorial”.

She went on to criticise the Citizenship Amendment Act, saying that “the law is against India’s Constitution and will destroy our Constitution”.

“Govt has given a blow to the Constitution. It’s an attack on the soul of the nation, youth is the soul of the nation. It’s their right to protest. I’m a mother too. You entered into their library, dragged them out and thrashed them up. This is tyranny,” Gandhi said, backing the dissenting students.

Further, she sought answers from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on several issues including women safety, growing unemployment etc.

“Why is PM Modi silent on assault on women, economy, joblessness and what happened yesterday against students,” Gandhi roared.

“Prime Minister should answer on what happened at the University yesterday, whose government beat up the students? He should speak on the sinking economy. His party MLA raped a girl, why hasn’t he spoken on it?,” she added.

Thousands of students across India today took to the streets demanding a probe into the use of teargas inside the Jamia library as well as police entering the campus without permission from university authorities on Sunday.