Jammu: A former BJP MLA has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the J-K Governor’s decision to dissolve the state Assembly. Speaking to ANI, petitioner Gagan Bhagat said, “It’s the biggest joke in a democracy that you keep the assembly suspended for five months and when a party stakes claim to form the government, you dissolve it. This policy is incorrect and undemocratic.” (Also read: ‘Governor Dissolved Assembly on Instructions From PMO,’ Says Manish Tewari)

Bhagat was an MLA from RS Pura constituency.

Governor Satyapal Malik has faced flak over the abrupt dissolution of the Assembly. Malik had claimed that “extensive horse-trading” was going on in the state and dismissed allegations he was acting at the behest of the Centre, and maintained he was well within his right under the J-K Constitution to dissolve the Assembly. “For the past 15 to 20 days, I have been getting reports of large-scale horse trading. MLAs are being threatened and several types of underhand dealings are going on,” Malik had said.

He dissolved the Assembly late on November 21, hours after arch-rivals National Conference (NC) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) joined hands with the Congress and staked their claim to form the government in the state. The three-way alliance claimed to have the numbers to form the government.

Former Lok Sabha secretary general and constitutional expert P D T Acharya said it is for the first time that an Assembly was dissolved after the Governor concluded it was impossible to form a stable government by parties with “opposing political ideologies”, dubbing it “not credible”.

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah asked the Governor to make public reports about the use of money and horse-trading in government formation in the state as was mentioned by him earlier.

Mehbooba said all mainstream parties in Jammu and Kashmir have taken grave risks to bridge the trust deficit that exists between people of the state vis a vis the country and it was strange their credentials were not questioned when the NC or the PDP was in alliance with the BJP.