Jaipur, Feb 8: Rajasthan has become the first ever state to have women Qazis. Breaking the traditional mindset, where only men could conduct weddings, these women, Jahan Ara and Afroz Begum have become women Qazis in Rajasthan after they completed a two-year training course. They appeared for the course from mumbai-based Darul Uloom-i-Nisawa. After being handed over the the Qaziyat on Friday, they will be now be called Qazi Jahan Ara and Qazi Afroz Begum.Also Read - Hyderabad Marriage Racket: Police Arrest Main Accused Qazi, Three Arab Sheikhs

The women during the period of course have also learnt Hadith, Indian Constitution and the rights of women. Times of India quoted Jahan Ara talking about her achievement, “I completed the course in the light of Quran, Hadith and Indian Constitution. I learned about the rights of women, which Quran bestowed to them some 1,500 years ago. It was a challenging task for me but I passed with 69% marks.” (Also Read: Saudi Arabia holds first ever election open to women) Also Read - Meet Dr Hina Zaheer Naqvi, first woman qazi appointed by Uttar Pradesh government

She also said that Qaziyaat is not just for conducting marriages but also has other responsibilities attached to it. Ara said, “A Qazi has to speak about truthfulness and rights. In Ayats of Quran, rights are clearly mentioned. We will put our efforts to ensure women get the rights related to marriages, talaq and mehar along with other issues.”