Chennai, Jan 19: The protests against the ban on bull-taming sport Jallikattu have turned into a movement. Thousands of people from across Tamil Nadu have gathered at the Marina Beach in Chennai in a massive protest that is proving to be an example of how protests can be peaceful and organised. Also Read - After Nivar, Now Cyclone 'Burevi' to Hit Tamil Nadu on Dec 4, Second Storm Within Week Time

In what many are calling an ‘uprising’, people in Chennai have been protesting for three days and have maintained calm all through. Despite the police cutting off power supply from the Marina Beach, the protesters haven’t lost patience, continuing to protest in a calm and peaceful manner with the torchlights of their mobile phones turned on. Also Read - Man Hides Gold Worth Rs 14 Lakh in Nail Cutters, Face Cream & Toy Cars, Seized at Chennai Airport

Not just that, there are water bottles and food packets being served at the Marina Beach, which saw over 15,000 protesters on Wednesday. The protesters are also making all efforts to keep the Marina Beach clean. Empty bottles and wraps are being collected so that there is no littering at the beach. Also Read - Superstar Rajinikanth to Announce His Decision to Enter Politics Soon

What’s also impressive is how the young protesters have used the social media to make the movement bigger. Whatsapp messages, tweets and Facebook posts are being sent out continuously to more people urging them to join the protest.

The protest that continues to grow bigger without any untoward incident has stood out as an example and has left many impressed. Protesters have also made sure that the country pays attention to the Jallikattu issue, coming out in huge numbers and spreading the movement. Cricketers Virender Sehwag and Ravichandran Ashwin tweeted how they were impressed with the way the protesters have maintained calm.

“Wonderful to see protest in a peaceful way in Tamil Nadu. Request to maintain peace in your passion. Peaceful protest will be a lesson for all,” Sehwag tweeted on Wednesday. Ashwin also tweeted, “Scenes of peaceful protest all around TN.Unity, peace and resolve will show our plea in the right light.”

Journalists present at Marina Beach have also been impressed with the way the protesters are making all efforts to keep the protest calm as well as clean. It now remains to be seen whether Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselavam can find a solution to this in his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday. The protesters have made it clear that they won’t budge till they get an assurance from Panneerselavam.

The protests began on Monday when thousands of youth who were protesting in Alanganallur in Madurai district were taken into custody by the police after the protest extended overnight. Angered by these arrests, the villagers came out on the streets of Alanganallur.

On January 11, Panneerselvam wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to promulgate an ordinance to resume the sport of Pongal but no result came out of the letter.