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    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: As the leader of opposition, I also asked for assembly sessions but no answer, so tomorrow we will be holding rail roko protest- DMK leader MK Stalin.

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    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: AG said clearly that ordinance can be passed by state government but till now, the Tamil Nadu chief minister is silent- DMK leader MK Stalin.

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    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: Mobile torchlight protest at Marina beach over the ban on Jallikattu.

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    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: Along with schools, cinema halls will remain close on Friday as well.

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    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: Protesters block trains at Chengalpet

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    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: AIADMK MPs delegation led by Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker M. Thambidurai to meet Home Minister Rajnath Singh tomorrow at 12 PM, ANI reported

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    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: Schools will remain close in Madurai, Dindigul districts on Friday

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    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: After meeting with PM Modi, CM Panneerselvam has extended his stay in New Delhi and said he is discussing further course of action with higher officials and legal experts.

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    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: Protests demanding revoking of the ban on Jallikattu have spread beyond India with the Tamil diaspora in Sri Lanka,
    Britain and Australia holding mass demonstrations.

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    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: Sri Sri Ravishankar supports Jallikattu, calls for respecting people’s faith

Chennai, Jan 19: There is no end to the massive protests against the Supreme Court’s ban on bull-taming sport Jallikattu across Tamil Nadu. Thousands of protesters continued to camp overnight for the second night at the Marina Beach in Chennai saying they won’t budge till Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselavam gives them an assurance.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister would be urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to issue an ordinance at the earliest which would nullify the ban imposed by Supreme Court on the bull-taming festival.

Thousands of people, mostly youngsters on Wednesday were protesting against the failure of the state and central government to enable the conduct of Jallikattu during Pongal festival. The protesters are also demanding banning of animal rights group People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) on whose petition the Supreme Court banned the bull-taming sport. In its petition, PETA issued a statement stating that the purpose of the festival was to thank the nature which cannot be achieved by tormenting bulls and causing injuries and deaths to people and bulls.

The Madras High Court on Wednesday declined to interfere in the Jallikattu issue.

The protesters began assembling outside Marina Beach on Wednesday after the arrest of Jallikattu ban protesters in Alanganallur in Madurai district. Along with Marina Beach, protests were also held in different parts of the state. The police on Tuesday night disconnected the power supply at Marina Beach. Despite that, the protesters continued their protest with the help of their mobile phone lights in the night.

Many celebrities have also come out in support of the protesters urging the authorities to accept the demands of the protesters. Actor Vijay visited Marina Beach to support the protest and in a video message, Vijay stated that, “Law was not created to rob people off their tradition and rights but to protect it. Jallikattu is every Tamilian’s identity. Those who are protesting against the ban on Jallikattu are united by the feeling that they are Tamilians but not out of compulsion or political pressure. I bow down to each and everyone of them.”

Others to visit Marina Beach include Suriya Sivakumar and Vishal. “The group called PETA which won in the court of law by carrying out a campaign of lies that Jallikattu was inimical to bulls has lost in the people’s court.”It is paradoxical to see those aiding extinction of native breeds talk about cruelty to bulls,” Suriya said.

The protests began on Monday when thousands of youth who were protesting in Alanganallur in Madurai district were taken into custody by the police after the protest extended overnight. Angered by these arrests, the villagers came out on the streets of Alanganallur.

On January 11, Panneerselvam wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to promulgate an ordinance to resume the sport of Pongal but no result came out of the letter.