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    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: 31 colleges in Chennai would remain closed tomorrow due to the ongoing protest at Marina Beach, seeking revocation of the ban on Jallikattu.

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    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: PETA lawyer Dr Nikunj Sharma pointed out that for past six years, Jallikattu was legal if played under guidelines issued. “However, people of Tamil Nadu violated those guidelines and inflicted cruelty on animals. The bulls do not run in speed on their own wish, The organizers bite their tails, poke nails into them and make them drink alcohol.”

  • 7:13 PM IST

    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: Dr Nikunj Sharma, advocate of PETA, has struck back on politicians for antagonizing NGO. “It is not Tamil Nadu culture vs PETA. The Supreme Court judgment bans all forms of bull-fighting, which used to played on other states as well.”

  • 6:37 PM IST

    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: AIADMK General Secretary Sasikala Natarajan has demanded Centre to promulgate an ordinance to allow the sport of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu. She further added that the Tamil Nadu government would adopt legal measures to secure a ban on PETA.

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    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: Chief Minister O Panneerselvam will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi tomorrow to discuss the ban on Jallikattu. He would be accompanied along with other leaders of AIADMK.

  • 5:37 PM IST

    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: The protest against the blanket ban on Jallikattu has drawn support from both the left and right section of civil society. Apart from Hindu-leaning activists-politicians like Rahul Easwar and SUbramanian Swamy, leftists like Kamal Haasan also extended support to the bull-taming festival, calling it part of the Tamil culture. “For protecting cruelty of animals, a ban should be imposed on biryani also,” Haasan said while speaking at India Today conclave.

  • 5:30 PM IST

    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: Activist Rahul Easwar lashed out at the Centre for not taking enough measures to allow the sport of Jallikattu. “I am a proud Indian, but also part of the Dravidian culture. By banning Jallikattu, you are showing cultural insensitivity towards us,” he said, while speaking to NDTV.

  • 5:26 PM IST

    Jallikattu protests LIVE updates: AIADMK leaders are likely to pressurize the Prime Minister to move an ordinance legalizing Jallikattu. Chief Minister O Panneerselvam is expected to meet Narendra Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee tomorrow.

Chennai, Jan 18: The protests against the ban on bull-taming festival of Jallikattu are growing big every passing day. Close to 5,000 people gathered at the Marina Beach in Chennai on Tuesday and held overnight protests, even demanding a ban on People for Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA.

Tamil film stars Suriya Sivakumar and Vijay have also come out in support of ongoing protests and lashed out at PETA for its opposition to the bull taming sport. Suriya said the protest by young volunteers was reflective of the common mood of the people of Tamil Nadu while Vijay said Jallikattu was an identity of Tamils.

“The group called PETA which won in the court of law by carrying out a campaign of lies that Jallikattu was inimical to bulls has lost in the people’s court.”It is paradoxical to see those aiding extinction of native breeds talk about cruelty to bulls,” Suriya said.

The Supreme Court has imposed a ban on the practice citing animal welfare issues. Jallikattu has remained banned for the past three years. Animal rights activists had appealed against the tradition at the Supreme Court citing atrocities to the bulls as a reason.