New Delhi: Ever since Kashmir became part of India and our leaders of that time messed up the entire issue just for the sake of minority appeasement, lives of the people have been affected badly. Also Read - 'Can't Even Kiss My Wife', Says Farooq Abdullah, Laments The Pandemic

While one community witnessed large scale massacre and massive exodus due to these terror activities, other community enjoyed massive appeasement and all sort of favours. Our brave defence forces were the worst to suffer. We lost several brave soldiers, community leaders and progressive thinkers to this era of violence. Nothing changed since 1947 and Kashmir remained a hub of appeasement politics until Narendra Modi led NDA government changed the status quo on 5th August 2019. Also Read - BRO Constructs 110-feet Bailey Bridge at Kela Morh on Jammu-Srinagar Highway in Record Time

Political structure in Kashmir Valley has taken a surprising turn since then. The separatists have exposed themselves and came together to counter the government move. This is now the question of their own survival. The way they have survived and flourished over the last 70 years is now coming to an end. People’s Democratic Party (PDP), National Conference (NC) and several other parties have come together to form “GupkarAliance” named after the famous Gupkar Road which was called the centre of power a few years back.  This resulted in a significant reduction in the fan following of all these parties. Common Kashmiris are not liking them anymore.  It proves that the section of people who wants peace and wish to stay within Indian constitutional framework is increasing rapidly. The upcoming elections in Kashmir will prove this stance. Pro-Pakistan gangs are slowly diminishing. Also Read - Dal Lake Freezes, Srinagar Records Coldest Night in 30 Years, Administration Deploys SDRF Teams

Separatist groups suffered a big setback:

The most important aspect was to keep the separatists at bay. Earlier these separatists used to be called to Delhi and treated as the sole representatives of people of Kashmir. We know the days when they were travelling in Chartered Planes, had overseas trips at the cost of Indian Exchequer, stayed in most expensive hotels and their trips to Pakistan were sponsored by then Indian Government. All of them had their family members settled abroad and living a lavish life.

They got a big setback when they are not only isolated totally but kept away from any decision-making process. Some of them are sent to jail, some are under house arrest. Their old terror files have been opened. Message was clear, come to the framework of Indian Constitution or perish. This Iron-Fist was the only option. Past governments tried their best but never succeeded.  Today, the result is visible. Fiery Friday sermons from the mosques have disappeared, Firebrand Separatists are no longer visible, all the leisure these separatists used to enjoy has gone and common Kashmiri is now able to understand the nefarious motives of separatists well.

We have all seen when common Kashmiri used to gather in tens of thousands on a call of Syed Ali Shah Geelani. The very same Kashmiri person does not even want to hear about him today. Terrorist Yasin Malik who had uninterrupted access to some of our ex-Prime Minister’s offices is rotting in Tihar Jail and Mirwaiz have clearly understood that it is better to keep his mouth shut or else he will also face the heat. Same or the other ways is with other separatists. They too have understood the writing between the lines and are just struggling for their survival now. This is a change which we never thought of.

Lessons learnt in past 15 months have been valuable. It primarily teaches us three things-

1) Cut the support of terror activities.

2) Hit hard on the terror modules and

3) Let the people have a sense of healing themselves.

Local public is now able to understand the nefarious plan of Pakistan, the so-called Pakistani Stooges like Geelani are no longer able to influence them and the fear of terrorism is slowly fading away. (See Fig 1.20- Kashmir as heaven)

Not only on this side of the LOC but the people staying in Pak Occupied Kashmir are also moving away from the Pakistani trap. Increased protests against the establishment reflect the mood of the people. Only thing required from the government is to maintain or enhance this momentum for at least another 4-5 years. We will not only be victorious but also be able to bring back happiness, peace and tranquillity in the “Heaven of the earth”.