Srinagar, June 19: PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti, who put in her papers as the Chief Minister of Jammu-Kashmir soon after the BJP pulled out of the alliance in the state, presented her party’s stand before the press in Srinagar on Tuesday evening. Claiming that the BJP’s sudden withdrawal from the alliance didn’t come as a shock, she said, “We did our best.” As far as what led to the split was concerned, Mufti pointed out, “Muscular policy will not work here. What I have been talking about all this while, only our healing touch policy will work in Jammu and Kashmir.” (Also read: Omar Abdullah Meets Governor)

In a press briefing that didn’t last even 10 minutes, Mufti said the alliance wasn’t formed in a quest for power. She said, “There was this party at the Centre and we shook hands with them to resolve the problems that plague Jammu And Kashmir. It took us months to find a common ground…to find a common agenda. Our aim was reconciliation. We wanted to open up dialogue with the people of Jammu and Kashmir and also that confidence-building measures are taken.”

“For the people in the Valley, the biggest apprehension was how Article 370, towards the state’s special status. But we have defended it in the court of law,” she said. “We got the ceasefire implemented. The PM went to Pakistan…we got cases against as many as 11,000 youths (stone-pelters) withdrawn so we managed to achieve all that we aimed for.” She said the ceasefire didn’t bring the desired results because the other side (Pakistan) did not respond. She also hinted at a case of cow vigilantism which she claimed her government dealt with as sternly as it could. On whether there was a chance of another alliance in the state, Mufti claimed, “When I resigned, I told the Governor there was no scope of another alliance.”