New Delhi, June 29: Army chief General Bipin Rawat said improving the conditions in Jammu and Kashmir was the responsibility of the locals as well. He said the locals needed to ensure that the youth did not indulge in stone-pelting and that if there was no terrorism, there would be no need for the Army to remain stationed there.Also Read - CDS Gen Rawat's Chopper Crashed Due To Pilot Error In Unexpected Cloudy Weather, Court Of Inquiry Report Finds

The General also reiterated his stand that UN report of human rights violation in Jammu and Kashmir was motivated. “Motivated reports that keep coming out that the Army and security forces are brutally carrying out operations aren’t true,” he said on Friday. He said the Army operated under strict rules of engagement that have been formulated. “We conduct operations in a very people-friendly manner,” he said. (Also read: UN Report ‘Motivated’) Also Read - Centre Likely to Take 'More Time' in Naming CDS Bipin Rawat’s Successor: Report

“Our basic purpose is to get after terrorists who are creating violence and disturbance in the Kashmir Valley. Our aim is not to inconvenience the civilian population which is not indulging in arsenal violence,” he pointed out. Meanwhile, General Rawat said, a lot also depended on the locals too. He said things can turn around if terrorism could be put a stop to. Kashmir can become like Delhi if terrorism can be eliminated, said the General. Also Read - New Year, Same J&K Police Locking Leaders in Their Homes: Omar Abdullah Ahead of Peaceful Protest

Parents could pitch in and ensure that youth don’t indulge in stone-pelting, said the General. “The youth should stop indulging in stone-pelting or get drawn into terrorism. They should, rather, work towards the development of the state. Then, if there is no terrorism, they won’t find either the Army or even its bunkers in the state,” he said.