New Delhi, Aug 31: Jasleen Kaur, who hogged the limelight after her alleged eve-teasing incident in Delhi, seems to fall in her own trap. Days after story sent the social media on fire, the truth as it turns out now is just the opposite.  Jasleen Kaur portrayed herself as the victim and world sided with her. However, the new pictures, videos and eye-witnesses statement busted Jasleen Kaur’s claims that she was humiliated and abused by a man. The accused Sarvjeet Singh has a different narrative about the incident. (ALSO READ: Delhi Eve teasing case: Eyewitness claims Jasleen Kaur, AAP supporter lied to frame Sarvjeet Singh!)

We bring to you the three versions of the story:

Jasleen Kaur’s story:

Jasleen Kaur shared a picture of Sarvjeet Singh on her Facebook account alleging that he made obscene comments at her. The picture went viral and Jasleen turned a ‘braveheart’ who took on molester.

Sarvjeet Kaur’s story:

Sarvjeet Singh claimed that Jasleen pulled up a publicity stunt by playing the victim card and also used her political influence to frame him. “She (Jasleen) is an AAP supporter and doing it for political mileage, just wants to be famous,” said Sarvjeet.

Witness’ story:

After the incident came to light, a witness named Vishwajeet Singh came forward and denied all the charges framed by Jasleen Kaur. Vishwajeet in his narrative of the incident said that it was Jasleen who used abusive remarks and made obscene actions at Sarvjeet.

Here are some proof against Jalseen Kaur:

Jasleen told in her statement said that she was going from the spot where the incident took place, while according to Sarvjeet she was controlling the traffic. Below is the picture showing Jasleen while controlling the traffic on the road.

The witness Vishwajeet also said that Jasleen was controlling the traffic. A twitterati also shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp group that says that Jasleen was going to take part in the traffic management on the street where the incident took place.

The above two pictures prove that Jasleen lied! It will be wrong to judge either Jasleen or Sarvjeet. We leave that up-to you to decide who is right and who is wrong.

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