Mumbai: Famous lyricist and writer Javed Akhtar has come down heavily on filmmaker Shekhar Kapur after he tweeted that he was always in fear of ‘intellectuals’.Also Read - 10 Songs by Javed Akhtar That Prove He's a Millennial Writer at 77

Javed Akhtar, not known for mincing his words, reacted sharply to Kapur’s tweet and asked him to visit a psychiatrist as there is ‘no shame in it’. Also Read - Veteran Lyricist Javed Akhtar Turns 77 Today, Best 5 Bollywood Songs Written By Him That Will Always Have Our Hearts

After the recent letter by 49 celebrities to the Prime Minister, asking for strong legislation against mob lynching, and a rebuttal written by a group of 61 people, including Kangana Ranaut and Prasoon Joshi, blaming the former for selective outrage, this Twitter exchange has now added fuel to the fire. Also Read - Javed Akhtar Breaks Silence on Aryan Khan's Arrest by NCB: "Price Industry Has to Pay For Being High Profile"

“What do you mean by still a refugee? Does it mean that you feel like an outsider and not an Indian and you don’t feel that this is your motherland? If in India you are still a refugee where will you not feel like a refugee, in Pakistan? Cut this melodrama you poor rich but lonely guy,” Akhtar tweeted another reply.

Shekhar Kapur replied to this tweeted saying, “No. It means once you are a refugee, you feel a gypsy.”

Yesterday, Shekhar Kapur had not only said that PM Modi has managed to take the power away from a feudal class and handed back to the people but went ahead to add that it’s the world’s first democratic revolution.