Mumbai: Famous lyricist and writer Javed Akhtar has come down heavily on filmmaker Shekhar Kapur after he tweeted that he was always in fear of ‘intellectuals’. Also Read - Defamation Case Filed By Javed Akhtar: Kangana Ranaut Reacts After Mumbai Police Summons Her

Javed Akhtar, not known for mincing his words, reacted sharply to Kapur’s tweet and asked him to visit a psychiatrist as there is ‘no shame in it’. Also Read - 'Ek Thi Sherni'! Kangana Ranaut Reacts To Defamation Suit Filed Against Her By Javed Akhtar

After the recent letter by 49 celebrities to the Prime Minister, asking for strong legislation against mob lynching, and a rebuttal written by a group of 61 people, including Kangana Ranaut and Prasoon Joshi, blaming the former for selective outrage, this Twitter exchange has now added fuel to the fire. Also Read - Javed Akhtar Files Defamation Case Against Kangana Ranaut For 'Harming His Reputation'

“What do you mean by still a refugee? Does it mean that you feel like an outsider and not an Indian and you don’t feel that this is your motherland? If in India you are still a refugee where will you not feel like a refugee, in Pakistan? Cut this melodrama you poor rich but lonely guy,” Akhtar tweeted another reply.

Shekhar Kapur replied to this tweeted saying, “No. It means once you are a refugee, you feel a gypsy.”

Yesterday, Shekhar Kapur had not only said that PM Modi has managed to take the power away from a feudal class and handed back to the people but went ahead to add that it’s the world’s first democratic revolution.