Patna, October 11: With barely 24 hours left for the first phase of elections to take place in Bihar, what we can see is a set of videos where candidates of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and Janata Dal United (JDU) are taking bribe (known as advance) to contest elections from ‘traders’. The advance given to them is for benefiting the businessman after the Mahagatbandhan comes into power in Bihar. The shocking sting video is another eye opener of the prevailing situations of Bihar elections.

Though Nitish Kumar claims to be person who has changed the view of people towards Bihar and has also termed as ‘Vikash purush’ (Development persona), his own party leaders are humiliating the party with their shameful act. the JDU candidate from Pipra, Awadhesh Kumar Kushwaha, is seen taking an advance to favour a businessman from Mumbai. And the advance is not in thousands, it Rs 4 lakh. Surprisingly, Kushwaha before taking the ‘advance’, stood up and ensured that the door is locked. Do we still need to say what is the ‘advance’ for? With this shameful act, Kushwaha has yet again proved that elections in Bihar can never be fair and with leaders like this, there is no doubt that the development in Bihar will take yet another century. (Also Read: Lalu Yadav posts another comment for Narendra Modi, asks him why USA denied his visa)

Moving on to the next Mahagatbandhan ally — Janata Dal United.  Ex-health minister under the Lalu Prasad Yadav regime, Mudrika Singh Yadav has yet another time proved that what is said during election rallies regarding development in Bihar, means self development and not the development of poor people. The candidate from Jehanabad constituency shamelessly sold his soul to the ‘businessman’ who offered him Rs 1 lakh advance to favour his business in Bihar. If one thinks he alone, they are still in some wrong place.

Joining him is another leader and RJD candidate from Mukhdanmpur seat, Subedar Das, who is standing against ex-chief minister Jitim Ram Manjhi. Also brother of RJD candidate Krishna Nandan Verma from Dhosi, Nitesh joined the party. Nitesh is also the PA of Verma. What happened next was just shocking. The three spoke to the ‘businessman’, and took the advance of Rs 1 lakh for his brother Verma. Even Nitesh said, “Bahut abhav me chal rahe hai hum, garib candidate hai (We are having very problem now, we are poor candidate).”  (Also Read: PM Narendra Modi attacks Lalu Prasad Yadav over beef remarks (Watch video))

With these incidents happening just one day before the elections, and comments yet to arrive from Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav who claims to develop Bihar with their pro-poor agendas, the situation shows entirely a different picture. With leaders like these, we are yet to figure out what is the meaning of development in Bihar for political parties. Is it development of poor people or is it the development of ‘POOR’ politicians?

First video of  JDU leader Awadhesh Kumar Kushwaha taking ‘advance’

Another video RJD leaders Mudrika Singh Yadav, Subedar Das and brother of leader Krishna Nandan Verma taking ‘advance’