Mumbai, Jun 4: A quick response from the crew of a Jet Airways flight saved the life of a passenger who had a massive heart attack on board. The incident took place on May 22 on Jet Airways flight 9W625 which was flying from Mumbai to Kolkata.Also Read - Jet Airways Is Hiring: Airline Invites Application For 6 Positions After Getting AOC From DGCA. Details HERE

An hour after the flight had departed, a passenger had a massive heart attack and collapsed. The flight crew rushed to his aid and handled him very carefully. It was shortly decided to turn the plane around and head back to Mumbai airport where he could get proper medical care. Also Read - Jet Airways Relaunch Soon as Airline Gets Licence to Resume Commercial Flights

Immediately on arrival, medical persons with a team of relevant doctors came on board and were able to save his life by giving emergency medical treatment in the aircraft. The flight was then departed for Kolkata. Also Read - Jet Airways Prepares to Return to Skies: Airline Now Awaits Final Flying Permit After Completing Key Tests

Even though the entire experience was traumatic for everyone on board, the quick decision making and presence of mind by the entire Jet Airways team including Kevin Baretto (cabin officer) and Akansha Tyagi (cabin staff) earned the respect of other passengers for saving a life.

“We would like to take this opportunity to commend the quick decision making and presence of mind by the entire Jet Airways team with a special mention to – Mr Kevin Baretto (cabin officer) and Ms Akansha Tyagi (cabin staff),” said Saraogi, an eyewitness, in the letter to Jet Airways chairman.

The handling of the problem by the Jet Airways staff members “reinforced faith in the great culture” instilled in the company and its employees, the Chemco Group chairman added.