New Delhi: With the five-phase Assembly Election in Jharkhand coming to an end at 5 PM on Friday, all eyes will now turn to exit polls, which will be announced by several news channels in association with pollsters, from 6:30 PM onwards. (Click here for full coverage of Jharkhand Assembly Election 2019).

Some of the major exit polls of the Assembly Election would be India Today-Axis My India, News18-IPSOS, ABP News-C-Voter etc. You can also watch live streaming of the exit polls on Zee News by clicking on

How are exit polls conducted?

An exit poll, also called a post-voting poll, is conducted soon after a voter walks out after casting his/her vote. It aims to predict the result based on the information collected from voters. These are conducted by a number of organisations. Sampling is the basic step to prepare exit polls.

Difference between an exit poll and an opinion poll

There are two basic differences between the two. While an opinion poll is held to ascertain public opinion before polling, an exit poll is conducted after a voter has cast his/her vote. Secondly, while in an opinion poll, the voter is asked who he/she intends to vote for, in an exit poll, it is asked who he/she has voted for.

Reliability of exit polls

These are not completely reliable and have time and again proven to be wrong, most recently in the case of both Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly Elections. Majority of exit polls, however, had successfully predicted a return to power for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha Elections earlier this year, either with a majority of its own for the BJP, or a majority for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA).