New Delhi: Jharia sat of Dhanbad presents a unique fight in the Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2019 as the main contestants, Purnima Singh (Congress) and Ragini Singh (BJP) are cousin sisters-in-law. Ragini Singh is the wife of the outgoing MLA Sanjeev Singh who is now being tried for the murder of his cousin Neeraj Singh. Purnima Singh was deceased Neeraj Singh’s wife. (Full Coverage Here)

Congress leader Neeraj Singh was shot dead in March 2017 in one of the horrific murders. Neeraj Singh was in his car when the bike-borne assailants started firing. They emptied their Ak-47 for several rounds killing Neeraj Singh on the spot. It was in regards to this case that Sanjeev Singh, Neeraj Singh’s cousin, was arrested and is being tried.

In 2014, cousins Sanjeev and Neeraj contested against each other. Neeraj has lost by a margin of 33,661 votes. The seat is a family bastion of the Singhs which explains why the BJP fielded Sanjeev’s wife in place of Sanjeev, instead of fielding any other local leader. On the other hand, the Congress fielded the slain leader’s wife, which may help the party ride on sympathy votes.