New Delhi: Ahead of the Jharkhand Assembly elections which are scheduled to begin from November 30, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rally in Daltonganj and promised the people of a “strong and stable government”.

Thanking the people of Jharkhand for standing by the BJP, PM Narendra Modi said, “Jharkhand, especially Palamu, has always been a strong fortress for BJP. If lotus is blooming across the country today, it’s due to the blessings of the people here & the party workers. The people here have always stood by ‘kamal‘.”

“Under the leadership of BJP, it is very important for Jharkhand that a strong and stable government is formed here,” he added.

PM Modi paid tribute to the policemen who lost their lives in a Naxal attack in Latehar, Jharkhand and asserted that the saffron party will work towards creating an environment free of Naxals.

“BJP worked day and night to end corruption in the last five years; made efforts to curb Naxalism in Jharkhand and create a peaceful environment here,” he said.

“Naxalism was an issue due to political instability here. Governments used to get toppled here, they didn’t want to serve people but simply enjoy the power… How could there have been proper roads, industries and electricity, given the situation which was here?” he asked.

Claiming that the Congress has been averse to progress across states by highlighting the recent Ayodhya verdict, PM Modi said, “The matter of dispute over the birthplace of Lord Ram was stalled by Congress. Had they wanted, a solution could’ve been found much earlier. But they didn’t do that, they cared about their vote bank. Such thinking of Congress affected the country.”

“BJP government gave stability, good governance in Jharkhand; first time in state’s history a chief minister completed five-year term,” he said congratulating Chief Minister Raghubar Das while speaking at the Daltonganj rally.

Seeking consensus over regaining power in the state PM Narendra Modi said, “No matter what opposition parties say, BJP will continue to protect Jharkhand’s ‘jal, jungle aur jameen’ (water, forest and land).”