Ranchi, April 10: Social media created havoc in the Jharkhand town of Bermo, nearly 15 kilometres away from the city of Bokaro. Two teenagers, one reportedly minor, had shared and commented on a post allegedly disrespecting Goddess Durga. This led to destructive communal clashes after hardline Hindu groups spotted the post on Facebook.

While the details of minor have not been released by Bermo police, the other accused has been identified as Adil Akhtar. The 19-year-old is son of Mohammed Enamul Haq, who runs battery-charging shop in the town. Adil had reportedly deleted the post after one of his friends on the social media reacted angrily to it. However, the news of his irresponsible post had gone viral in the town by then. Hindutva groups armed with weapons burned down shops, vehicles and a large number of homes in Bermo.

According to Adil’s father Haq, his child was not a miscreant and mostly stayed away from controversies. While being interrogated by the police, Adil maintained that he did not knew that it would turn into a communal issue. (ALSO READ: Muslim student arrested in Madhya Pradesh for sharing morphed image of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat)

On the other hand, the minor, who resides near Kargili Bazar region of the city was about to be hacked by far-right groups had the police not intervened. Since police took him away in custody, the angered right-wing activists began pelting stones at the Bermo police station and subsequently the arson began. Within the next couple of hours, homes in the Muslim ghetto of Kargili Bazaar were burnt down, shops vandalized and houses set on fire.

The incident has left Haq, the father of Adil in utter shock. “My son was preparing to enter the police force. He had also given fitness tests in Ranchi. I shouted at him, asked him why he did it? He only maintains that he had no idea it would be hurt create such a big controversy,” he said while speaking to The Indian Express.

Meanwhile, the family of the minor have left the town to an undisclosed location. The-15-year-old studied at Ram Ratan High School and had recently gave his Class X examinations. The administrative official Sanath Kumar Singh, who was also a Facebook friend of the minor lashed out at the entire controversy in an emotional manner. Sanath said the accused minor was good in studies, well-behaved and his peers and teachers were fond of him. He may have committed the mistake, but was that so big enough to burn down the town, shame his family and ruin his life, Singh added.