Ranchi: Jharkhand Health Minister Ramchandra Chandravanshi is in the eye of the storm after a video allegedly showing the minister taking bribe went viral on Friday. In the video, Chandravanshi was purportedly taking a bribe for construction of a platform in Gadhwa’s Aadar panchayat.

Soon after the video went viral, Chandravanshi’s political rivals tore his reputation to shreds, said media. Meanwhile, police have nabbed one person following the minister’s complaint, said a Hindi daily.

In the video that went viral on Friday, Chandravanshi could be seen doling out cash to some villagers while pocketing the rest. In the press conference, Chandravanshi claimed that it was a conspiracy against him. He said, “I had gone to the village to inaugurate several projects on July 11. The villagers then requested me for getting a platform constructed there. I took out Rs 15,000 and handed it over to a villager and also assured them that we will raise the required fund through donations.”

He added, “The villagers told me that they would be needing Rs 50,000 in all and that’s why I assured them that we will raise the remaining Rs 35,000 through donations. Some people made a video and circulated it as if I was taking bribes. This is a conspiracy against me.”

He claimed that a suspended BJP member was behind the video. “Satish Yadav was thrown out of the BJP. He is out to tarnish my image…also, when this incident allegedly happened, there were 2,000-odd people present. Can anyone take a bribe in front of so many people?” he asked.

The press conference also saw Aadar panchayat representative Diwakar Dubey standing up for Chandravanshi and claiming that nothing of the sort happened. He also parroted the minister’s lines that it was a conspiracy.