Khunti, Mar 8: In what highlights the sorry state of education in government schools in Jharkhand, children of a school in Khunti district, about 34 km from state capital Ranchi, are being given alphabet lessons using  disparaging remarks. A Zee News video shows teacher of a government school in Udburu village using terms like ‘chor’ (thief) for India’s first  Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Also Read - Jharkhand Govt Extends 'Suraksha Saptah' By Two Weeks, Interstate Bus Services To Remain Suspended

The video shows kids sitting under a tree while a man reads out sentences written on the black board. “Cha’ se ‘chor’ and ‘Cha’ se ‘Chacha Nehru Choron Ke Pradhan Mantri The (Nehru was the prime minister of thieves),” the teacher reads out the lesson to his students.  “Gh’ se ‘Ghanti’ (bell) and ‘Gh’ for ‘Ghanti bajane wala budbak (foolish) Brahmin,” he goes on  to add. Also Read - Baby Elephant Falls Into 30-Feet-Deep Well in Jharkhand, Rescue Video Goes Viral | Watch

On the other hand, when it comes to English alphabets, the children, instead of A for Apple, are being taught A for Adivasi (tribal), B for Bideshi (foreigner), C for Chhotanagpur, D for Dharti (Earthand so on. The innocent kids could be seen just repeating what their teacher’s lesson. Also Read - MS Dhoni's Parents Test Positive For Covid-19, Admitted to Ranchi Hospital

According to Zee News, officials of the education department said they were unaware of such lessons being imparted to children in Khunti, a Naxal-infested area. While describing it as a one-off incident, they  assured to look into it the matter.