New Delhi: There must be some jinx over the post of the Chief Minister of Jharkhand that no one before Raghubar Das could complete a full term on the chair. The state was formed in 2000, being carved out of Bihar. So far, the state has already seen 10 CMs.

BJP’s Babulal Marandi was the first Chief Minister of the state but he held the chair from 2000 to 2003. So what happened in 2003? Babulal Marandi was forced to resign as his tinkering with the Jharkhand domicile act didn’t go down well at the party. He had announced that any person whose ancestors’ names do not figure in the 1932 land survey records would not be a permanent resident of the state.

Arjun Munda became the CM and remained in the post until the first election of the state in 2005.

Shibu Soren: CM For 10 Days

After the 2005 elections, Shibu Soren of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha was sworn in as the CM . But he had to vacate the office after just 10 days as he could not prove the majority. BJP was the single largest party with 30 seats, while JMM got 17 seats. The Congress had managed 9 seats. ‘

Arjun Munda became the CM for the second time. But this government too didn’t stay for long as many MLAs switched sides. In 2006, when he resigned, he had the support of only 38 members while the opposition UPA had the support of 43 MLAs.

One of the important factors behind the collapse of the Arjun Munda government was Madhu Koda, a BJP dissident independent candidate, who formed a G-5 of five independent candidates that withdrew support from the Munda government. So after the Munda government was brought down, Madhu Koda was a natural choice for the CM chair and the Congress supported it. But after two years, JMM withdrew its support and brought down Madhu Koda’s government in two years.

Between 2008 and 2010, JMM’s Shibu Soren becomes the CM twice and then the state was put under President’s rule twice in quick succession.

Arjun Munda returned for his third stint as the CM of Jharkhand and remained in office till January 2013 (2 years and 4 months) and the state was again put under President’s rule for over five months — the third time in less the five years.

In 2013, Arjun Munda had to resign as JMM again withdrew the support. Hemant Soren became the CM for one year before Raghubar Das became the CM in 2014 and finally became the first CM to have completed the entire term.