New Delhi: On a day postpaid mobile services were restored in the Kashmir Valley, it has come to light that many users still can’t make outgoing calls. This is because, according to reports, users have been ‘billed’ for the nearly 10-week communication blockade and due to non-payment of bills, their outgoing facility has been blocked.

Moreover, as the internet ban still persists there, making an online payment is still not possible.

Reportedly, there are about 70 lakh postpaid mobile connections out of which 40 lakh have been restored. It is the remaining 30 lakh connections in which the outgoing facility was found to have been blocked.

Postpaid mobile services were restored in Kashmir on Monday afternoon, over two months after the Centre, in an unprecedented move on August 5, scrapped the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and also ended its statehood. In a press conference on Saturday, Rohit Kansal, Jammu and Kashmir principal secretary, had announced that the government was lifting curbs on postpaid mobile services.

Last month, landline connections in Kashmir, too, were restored.

Jammu and Kashmir has been under a strict communication blockade to prevent violent protests from breaking out in the wake of against the abrogation of Article 370, which provided the special status to the region. Governor Satyapal Malik has, time and again, defended the blockade, saying that the safety and well-being of the people was more important than ‘anything else.’

The government, however, has started working on restoring peace and normalcy in the Valley, as a part of which, days before lifting the curbs on postpaid mobile connections, it had released some leaders who were under house arrest since early August. More are likely to be released in the coming days depending on the ground situation.

Besides this, the Valley has also been reopened for the tourists.