Jodhpur, June 10: A 26-year-old man identified as Nawab Ali Qureshi from Jodhpur was arrested on Saturday on the charges of killing his four-year-old daughter as a ‘sacrificial offering’ in the month of Ramzan, to please God. On Friday morning, Qureshi’s wife found her daughter with her throat slit.

The accused Nawab Ali Qureshi confessed to his crime during a police interrogation. He said that he wanted to please Gods by sacrificing his daughter Rizwana. On Thursday, he got his daughter gifts and told her that he loved her very much. He told the police that on Thursday night, when his family was asleep, the man took the child on the ground floor. After reciting holy verses, he slit her throat.

In the morning, the man’s wife found Rizwana missing. When she searched the house, she found her on the ground floor, lying dead. The child was taken to the hospital immediately but was declared brought dead.

Initially, the man tried to convince a relative that a cat killed his daughter. However, his wife filed a murder complaint against an unidentified person. While investigating the house, cops found that the house was latched from inside thus, removing any suspiscion of an outside person entering the house. Later, Qureshi was called for questioning and he confessed to killing his daughter.