Jodhpur, Jun 7: At six, when Pintu Devi should have been enjoying her childhood, she was married to a youth from Saran Nagar. She suffered for 12 years before finally moving Family court-1 of Jodhpur to dissolve the child marriage.

Pintu Devi, now 18, got in touch with Dr Kriti Bharti, rehabilitation psychologist and managing trustee of Saarthi Trust, and filed a plea in the family court to annul her marriage on Wednesday. She moved the court despite threats and harassments from in-laws.

“I was married off when I was just 6. Since my in-laws were involved in criminal activities, I was scared. There are other reasons also why I do not want to go to my in-laws’ place,” she told IANS. “Now, with the support of Kriti didi, I have filed a petition to annul the child marriage,” she added.

Judge P.K. Jain of the Family Court-1 registered the petition and issued a notice to her husband and asked him to be present during the next hearing on June 22. Bharti, who has been running a child marriage annulment campaign, said after the marriage is annulled, action would be taken against the families.

“Besides, efforts are being made for better rehabilitation of Pintudevi who will be appearing for her Class 10 exams this year. She dropped out of school after completing class 9 education. We are making arrangements to ensure she studies and gets empowered,” she said.

Reporter: Manoj Mathur