New Delhi: A shocking video was doing rounds on social media platforms on Monday morning where a policeman from Madhya Pradesh was seen beating and abusing his wife at their residence. The video that featured Madhya Pradesh Additional Director General (ADG) Purushottam Sharma, was taken after his wife allegedly found him having an extra-marital affair.Also Read - 'Collarwali', MP's Famous Tigress, Mother to 29 Cubs, Dies in Pench Reserve at Age of 17

According to reports, Purushottam’s wife found him in a compromising position with another woman. However, the ADG denied all charges and asserted that it is “a family dispute, not a crime”. Also Read - Anupamaa Big Twist on Public Demand: Anupama Confronts Vanraj Over Domestic Abuse, Anuj Kapadia Holds Her Pallu

“We’ve been married for 32 years, in 2008 she had complained against me. But the point is, since 2008 she has been living in my house, enjoying all facilities and travelling abroad on my expenses. If my nature is abusive then she should’ve complained earlier. Also Read - Thieves Loot Amazon, FedEx Cargo Trains In US, 160 Per Cent Rise In Theft Cases In Los Angeles

This is a family dispute, not a crime. I am neither a violent person nor a criminal. It is unfortunate that I have to go through this. My wife stalks me & has put cameras in the house,” ADG Sharma told reporters.

Here’s the video:

A complaint was lodged by Purushottam’s son, who also shared the video of the incident with the police. He has demanded strict action against Sharma for assaulting his mother.

MP State Women Commission Spokesperson Sangeeta Sharma said that such an incident will not be tolerated by the Women’s Commission. Such incidents by senior officials do not convey a good message in society, and strict action will be taken, she added.

The police officer has been eventually relieved of his duties.