New Delhi: Here comes a piece of good news for voters. Now, they will not have to carry their voter ID card to polling booth to cast their franchise as the Election Commission is planning to make it digital. If reports are to be believed, this will happen when 5 states will go to poll next year. Also Read - Assam Assembly Election 2021: Check Voting Date In Your Constituency And Full Schedule

Once the final decision comes from the Election Commission of India (ECI), voters will be able to download their Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) or voter ID card and vote using the digital version in the next time they go to cast their franchise. Also Read - Online Nomination, Extension in Voting Time: How EC Plans to Hold Elections to 5 Assemblies During Pandemic

According to a report by News18, once the EC gives the go-ahead, the facility to voters will be provided soon. Moreover, the newly enrolled voters will get the facility automatically and existing voters will have to complete some formalities through the Voter Helpline app to avail it. Also Read - Assam Assembly Election 2021 Dates: Polls to be Held in 3 Phases, First Phase on March 27, Vote Counting on May 2

As per reports, the new voters will get the facility after downloading the card on a registered mobile connection. On the digital format of the EPIC, there will be two different QR codes containing information about the voter. One QR code will have the voter’s name while the second code will have the voter’s other information.

After the EC rolls out its plan, Overseas Voters will also be able to download their EPIC card as well. At present Overseas Voters are not provided physical voter ID cards. The facility will be also helpful for those voters who have shifted and need to enrol their names at new polling booths. Moreover, it will be helpful for voters who have lost their cards and applied for new ones.

As per latest updates, the digital EPIC service will be available to voters across the country before assembly elections in five states next year.