Janhavi Gadkar, the vice president of Legal Affairs at the Reliance Industries Limited, made the headlines in Mumbai on June 9. Not for making a breakthrough on her employment front, but for causing death of two people on the Eastern Freeway on Monday night (June 8). The lawyer who is a resident of Chembur was driving her Audi Q3 under the influence of alcohol, on the wrong way and rammed into an oncoming taxi; killing the driver Sayed Hussain and Samim Sabuwala, one of the passengers.

There has been a lot of outrage on Twitter and Social Media that Janhavi should be punished and must be seriously reprimanded for drunk driving! However, I strongly disagree and vehemently at that! Why should she be punished? For killing two people or for drunk driving?

A month ago, Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who is way more famous and an inspiration for numerous Indians, was convicted after 13 years in the 2002 hit-and-run case. No sooner than the Dabangg actor was sentenced by the Mumbai sessions court than the High Court granted the 49-year-old bail. The top court of Maharashtra also allowed the Bajrangi Bhaijaan star to travel to Dubai before the month of May came to an end; albeit with certain conditions.

So if Salman Khan didn’t deserve to join the likes of Sanjay Dutt in jail, why should Janhavi? After all, she is not a celebrity. Almost everyone of you will claim that Janhavi could have easily ferried a cab or hired a driver. Of course she could have afforded it! She works at a company owned by an Ambani! I can give more reasons as to why she should be granted bail! I am sure some of you who are also fans of Bhai will agree with me!

To start off, Janhavi is well educated and a lawyer! She obviously knows the law. What makes you think she doesn’t! She didn’t break any law. She is from a well respected family and obviously knows all the loopholes. If reports are to be believed, she is divorced to Rahul Sarella, who is also in the same profession. Needless to say she is a strong, independent woman who was perhaps going through some difficult phase. Bagging the deal for her company meant a lot!

Janhavi partied and partied hard at Marine Plaza! She has every right to do so given the fact that her company bagged a new project. Come on, new project for any company means more income for the company as well as for her family. Wouldn’t you be excited if you got a good pay raise from your existing employer or if you have a business then if your sales rose extensively?

She had Ballantines Whisky! Anyone who loves Scotch Whisky will kill to have one of the smoothest and finest quality of alcohol one can have. Plus a bottle of 750 ml will easily cost over Rs 2500 in Mumbai. And she claims she only had two pegs. Surely you cannot undermine her choice of alcohol. And even as media reports claim she had six pegs, how does it matter? Tere baap ke paise se piya kya? (Did she drink with your father’s money?) She was sober enough to drive home! It’s just six pegs!

From there she went to the Irish pub with a senior colleague in Kalaghoda (Another popular choice. See, she knows where the fun is!), and downed about two and a half pitchers of beer. Aaj tak beer se kisi ko chadha hai kya? Has anybody got high drinking beer? She also has the capacity to drink more but decided to go home because it was getting late! See she has that sense of responsibility and feels that she should reach home before it gets too late!


Nouman Sabuwala, lost his father in the accident.

Janhavi may be having an off day as she got high! She did need a little assistance from her colleague but eventually she was good enough to start the car and board the Eastern Freeway. Now we all know Mumbai roads are confusing! And I have no doubt that she got confused which side of the road she was on. It is difficult for us to make a choice between two roads and Janhavi came to a circle where six fucking roads connect. SIX! How on earth is she supposed to know if there are no proper directions? Although she regularly commuted using her Audi Q3 via that route, a little party never harmed anyone (although in this case it did cause a little harm to the Sabuwala family).

She was also driving an Audi Q3 and reports suggest that she was driving only at 120 km per hour; which is less than half the top speed of the vehicle i.e. 250 km/hr. So you see, she knows what car to purchase and was well aware of the speed of her vehicle.

Moving on! To strengthen Janhavi’s case further, the Sabuwala family stays in Nagpada, near Byculla which is in South Mumbai. Who the hell asked them to celebrate an occasion at a dhaba in Bhiwandi? His son, Nouman Sabuwala passed his SSC exam scoring about 60-65% and the family was extremely happy. They didn’t have any reason to celebrate as Sharmaji’s kid scored 95%. But to celebrate that they travelled nearly 50 kms one way! That is just ridiculous. Couldn’t they have just gone to Colaba or other popular location nearby and simply not have tested fate!

Don’t people die everyday? How many fall from trains, get critically injured in accidents, suffer from fatal diseases like cancer, etc? These are everyday occurrences so why is this incident being taken so seriously?

To quote late Shri RR Patil, “Bade bade shehron mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hai.” We should just forget this incident as just another regular event and learn to live and let live.

(This is a sarcastic piece. If your pea-sized brain cannot understand that I’m not supporting Janhavi then you need to get yourself admitted into a mental asylum.)