New Delhi, June 6: Justice Markandey Katju has urged members of the majoritarian Hindu community to observe one day of roza in the holy month of Ramazan to send out a strong message to communal forces in the nation. Katju opined that one fast in the pious month would not turn a Hindu into a Muslim, but would only strengthen the bond between the two communities. Katju has described his appeal as antidote to the communal poison being spread in the nation. Also Read - Ramadan 2020: Fasting Tips For Diabetics

Katju, who recently came to limelight for his scathing comments against Shariah and the concept of triple talaq, has always advocated for communal harmony in the nation. Not only has he appealed Hindus to keep one fast, but he also urged Muslims to reciprocate the deed of their secular Hindu brethren by observing a vrat  during Navratri. Also Read - First Time in 250 Years, Popular Ramazan Market in Mumbai to be Closed During Holy Month Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

“Neither would one fast turn a Hindu into a Muslim, nor would a Navratri vrat turn Muslim into a Hindu, but it would be a token of goodwill between the two communities,” he said. (ALSO READ: No Ramazan in China? How Beijing’s communist regime restricts Muslims from fasting in holy month of Ramadan) Also Read - Pakistan Clerics Warn Government Against Ban on Religious Congregations Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Katju further says that communalism was injected into our society by the British after the mutiny of 1857. The divide and rule policy has been continued by political parties even after independence, Katju added.

“In 1857 the Great Mutiny took place, in which Hindus and Muslims jointly fought against the British. After suppressing the Mutiny the British decided that the only way to control India was divide and rule,” the former chief justice of Allahabad High Court said, further adding, “Even after 1947 certain wicked vested interests have been inciting communal hatred. among us. Now the time has come to administer the antidote.”