Nagpur: Amidst ongoing economic downturn, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari assured industrialists to not get disappointed, saying “this time will pass”.

The Union Minister further stated that life has a cyclic pattern, where sometimes we all come across difficulties. He asked them not to lose heart as good times will be knocking the doors sooner.

Speaking at a function organised to mark 65th foundation day of the Vidarbha Industries Association on Saturday, Gadkari said, “I know the industries are going through a tough time now. We want to increase the growth rate. Recently, I met automobile manufacturers at all India convention of the automobile industry and all of them were little worried….”

“I told them, Kabhi Khushi Hoti Hain Kabhi Gham Hota Hain (there are times of joy and times of sorrow), sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fail…life is a cycle.

“So in your life too, because of global economy, demand and supply, business cycles you face little problems sometimes. Even the (rest of the) world is facing this problem. So don’t get disappointed, this time will pass,” Gadkari added.

Exuding confidence, Gadkari said, “And I certainly feel that in coming days we are going to be the fastest-growing economy.”

On September 5, Nitin Gadkari had acknowledged the massive slowdown in India’s auto industry and announced that the government had no intention of banning petrol or diesel vehicles in the country.

He had added, “There is a fact that as far as the present economic data is concerned the automobile sector is facing a problem, because of the global economy, demand and supply. Govt is already with the automobile industry and under the Finance Ministry we’ll find out a solution.”

Notably, the ongoing economic crisis in the country has impacted the automobile sector severely, with the industry recording the worst sales slowdowns.