Kabul, August 10: In the wake of deadly suicide bombing at Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani lashed out at Pakistan for promoting terror attacks in the region. In a fierce manner, Ghani criticised the policies of Islamabad facilitating proxy war in Afghanistan.

Holding Pakistan directly responsible for the suicide attack earlier in the day, Ashraf Ghani said “Pakistan continues to send message of war.” The Afghan President expressed his disgust against the strategy of Pakistan of providing shelter to extremists which can be used to launch insurgent attack in neighbouring counties. “Safe havens for extremists and terror factories still exist in Pakistan,” he added. (ALSO READ: Suicide bombing at Kabul Airport: 4 dead, 17 injured; Afghan Taliban suspected behind attack)

The outburst from Ashraf Ghani comes in the backdrop of repeated allegations labelled by India against Pakistan for promoting cross-border terrorism.

Earlier in the day, a large scale explosion was carried out a Kabul International Airport which led to the death of 4 civilians and left more than 17 critically injured.