New Delhi: Controversial self-styled ‘godman’ Nithyananda, who is on the run from the law in connection with a rape case against him in Karnataka, has been located in the Latin American nation of ‘Kailaasa.’

The only twist here is that ‘Kailaasa,’ in reality an island near Ecuador in South America, is an ‘independent nation’ established by the on-the-run Tamil Nadu-born Nithyananda.

Not just that, Nithyananda, whose real name is Rajashekharan, has even launched a full-fledged website about this newly-established the nation. Called, the website gives a lot of information about Kailaasa, which, among other things, has a ‘government’, which has its own ‘department and agencies.’

The website describes Kailaasa as ‘the greatest Hindu nation.’ Apparently, the nation also has a ‘passport,’ as well as a ‘Constitution’ of its own. It also has its own ‘flag,’ with English, Sanskrit and Tamil being its ‘national languages.’

Now, Nithyananda is even inviting people to become citizens of Kailaasa and also asking for funds to run it. Kailaasa also claims to offer universal free health care, free education, free food and a ‘temple-based lifestyle’ for all.

As per the website, Kailaasa is a ‘border-free nation created by dispossessed Hindus from around the world who have lost the right to practice Hinduism authentically in their own countries.’

The 41-year-old rape accused was recently revealed to have fled the country. Before fleeing, however, he was accused by a  couple of illegally confining their two daughters in his ashram in Ahmedabad.